PORTACOOL is an amazing portable evaporative cooling system, cooler, outdoor air-conditioner that cools thousands of sq.ft. at a fraction of the cost of standard air conditioning. Port-A-Cool portable evaporative cooling, not a swamp cooler, but a spot cooler that will cool large areas for only pennies per day! Port-A-Cool Port A Cool uses portable temporary evap evaporative cooling to spot cool and make areas cooler for thousands of sq.ft. in a factory, warehouse, football sidelines, sports events, tents and restaurant kitchens and outdoor seating areas. Outdoor air-conditioning, not a swamp cooler, but evaporative cooling when cooling fans are not efficient for cooling, spot cooling or for cooler air instead of fans simply blowing hot air.

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The new 2017 PORTACOOL Hurricane™ & JetStream™ models are here and now available for delivery!

  PACJS250                                   PACJ270                                                  PACHR370                                            PACJS260                            PACJS240



PORTACOOL Hurricane™ Models

PORTACOOL JetStream™ Models

48" PORTACOOL JetStream™ 270 - PACJS270

36" PORTACOOL JetStream™ 260 - PACJS260

24" PORTACOOL JetStream™ 250 - PACJS250

24" PORTACOOL JetStream™ 2400 - PACJS2400

16" PORTACOOL JetStream™ 240 - PACJS240

16" PORTACOOL JetStream™ 1600 - PACJS1600

Standard 1, 2, 3 & Variable Speed PORTACOOL® Models

48" 2-Speed PORTACOOL - PAC2K482S

36" HP Variable Speed PORTACOOL - PAC2K36HPVS

36" 1-Speed PORTACOOL - PAC2K361S

24" HP Variable Speed PORTACOOL - PAC2K24HPVS

16" 3-Speed Vertical Tank PORTACOOL - PAC163SVT

PORTACOOL Cyclone™ Models

PORTACOOL Cyclone™ 3000 - PAC2KCYC01

PORTACOOL Cyclone™ 1000 - PACCYC06

PORTACOOL Islander™ Models


PORTACOOL® Hazardous Location Models

48" Hazardous Location PORTACOOL - PAC2K48HZ

36" Hazardous Location PORTACOOL - PAC2K36HZ

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"The new models we just placed in our production area has made an enormous difference in our productivity and worker moral. We're also excited about the price to operate!"


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