Port-A-Cool is an amazing portable evaporative cooling system, cooler, outdoor air-conditioner that cools thousands of sq.ft. at a fraction of the cost of standard air conditioning. Port-A-Cool PORTACOOL portable evaporative cooling, not a swamp cooler, but a spot cooler that will cool large areas for only pennies per day! Port-A-Cool PortACool Port A Cool uses portable temporary evap evaporative cooling to spot cool and make areas cooler for thousands of sq.ft. in a factory, warehouse, football sidelines, sports events, tents and restaurant kitchens and outdoor seating areas. Outdoor air-conditioning, not a swamp cooler, but evaporative cooling when cooling fans are not efficient for cooling, spot cooling or for cooler air instead of fans simply blowing hot air.

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Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals

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Port-A-Cool Sales & Rentals

Who currently uses Portacool products?

Here is a partial list of some of the top companies in the world who know the cooling power delivered by the incredible Portacool products. The list consists of companies that have purchased their Portacool evaporative coolers from our company direct and have given permission to be listed here. If you purchased your Portacool model(s) from a Dealer, Distributor or Marketing Representative worldwide, and wish to be listed here, please send an email message to our sales office and give us your company information, unit serial numbers and contact information for confirmation only. Your contact information is confidential and will not be given or sold to any company mailing list.

We do not list homeowners, company phone numbers, addresses or re-sale companies who bid for government, schools or specific military bases or installations. It is for the purpose of posting your name worldwide in appreciation for your business and to encourage others with similar facilities to also benefit from the increased comfort, productivity and low cooling cost Portacool products provide. Please call our sales office if you wish to contact any company listed here for referral information. Contact information for companies that have agreed to, or do not object to being contacted will be given to you.

Many of the companies on the list of "Those Who Know" include Fortune 500 companies and companies that have received awards from the Inc. 500 list of America's fastest-growing private companies. It was not surprising when we learned that many of those companies received the recognition the year after purchasing Portacool cooing products.

High Schools
Construction Companies
Auto Body Shops
Auto Dealerships

Auto Sales Lots
Entertainment Parks
Outdoor Restaurants
Rodeo Grounds
Horse Stables
Race Tracks
Metal Shops
Welding Shops
Animal Shelters
Hog & Poultry Facilities
Musical Concerts
Tool Manufacturers
Lumber Yards
Tree Service Companies
Child Day Care Centers
Tent Meeting Coordinators
Dry Cleaners
Lawn & Garden Stores
Lawn & Garden Yards
Cabinet Makers
Rental Companies
Camp Grounds
Military Bases
Aerobics Centers
Wedding Coordinators
Party Planning Agencies
NFL Teams
NBA Teams
Auto Tune-Up Shops
Auto Brake Shops
Catering Companies
Utility Companies

Tennis Courts
Golf Driving Ranges
Dance Studios
Aircraft Manufacturers
Dry Wall Installation Companies
Home Remodeling Companies
Auto Tire Shops
Car Audio Installation Shops
Community Theaters
Lake Marinas
Swimming Pools
Swimming Pool Contractors
Bicycle Repair Shops
Fence Builders

Top Companies

  • General Motors
  • International Paper
  • Hallmark Cards
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Southwest Airlines
  • McDonnell Douglas
  • Sears
  • Bayer
  • Alcoa
  • Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Pepsi
  • Coors Brewery
  • Miller Brewing Company
  • Tyson Foods
  • Green Acre Foods
  • Tesla, Inc.
  • Frito Lay
  • Honda Motor Company
  • ACE Hardware
  • Home Depot
  • Conway Southwest
  • UPS
  • Federal Express
  • Jockey International
  • Kaiser Aluminum
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • Hogan Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Weyenhouser
  • U.S. Border Patrol
  • Allegheng Plastics
  • Glidden
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Ma Hanna Engineered Material
  • Colonial Rubber
  • Terex
  • U.S. Immigration Service
  • Maytag
  • Aetna
  • U.S. Steel
  • Rust Oleum
  • Coca Cola Bottling Company
  • Nordstrom
  • H.J. Heinz Company
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Burlington Air Express
  • Mobil Chemical Company
  • Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.
  • Pharmicia, Inc.
  • Up John, Inc.
  • Sprint
  • Interstate Battery
  • Schlage Lock Company
  • Fab Net
  • ICI Americas
  • Makai International
  • Florida Power Company
  • Spot Coolers
  • Merlin Software
  • Chaparral Steel
  • Chemtronics, Inc.
  • Atlas Chemical Company
  • Dallas Zoo
  • Summit Electric
  • City Of Ft. Worth
  • Union Carbide Corporation
  • Gulf Coast Oil & Gas
  • Hospital Central Services Association
  • Portland Hospital Service Corporation
  • UCSD Medical Center
  • Baxter Health Care
  • California Department Of Corrections
  • Seton Company
  • Dupont
  • Wilson Golf
  • Texas Aluminum
  • Virginia Department Of Transportation
  • Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.
  • Trek Bicycles
  • Jet Blue Airways
  • InterDat, Inc.



Professional Sports

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Chicago Bears
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Denver Broncos
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Jacksonville Jaguars


Universities & High Schools

  • University Of Southern California
  • USC San Diego
  • Notre Dame
  • University Of North Carolina
  • University Of Kentucky
  • University Of Colorado
  • Oklahoma State University
  • University Of Oregon
  • Indiana University
  • BYU
  • Iowa State University
  • Baylor University
  • Clemson University
  • East Texas State University
  • North Texas State University
  • Texas A&M University
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Texas Christian University
  • Rockhurst College
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Marshall University
  • Hinds Community College
  • SMU
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Val Verde Unified School District
  • Newport Harbor High School
  • Kemp High School
  • Center High School
  • Goliad Independent School District
  • Dilly High School
  • San Antonio Independent School District
  • Vidor High School
  • Baker Valley Unified School District
  • East Texas Christian School
  • Canton Intermediate School
  • Great River Votech School
  • Newport Harbor High School
  • New Nazarene School
  • Coahoma School District
  • Ennis High School
  • Pilot Point Independent School District
  • San Diego Independent School District
  • Robert E. Lee High School
  • Val Verde Unified School District
  • Kopperl Independent School District
  • Bay City Public School District
  • Riverside Unified School District


U.S. Military

  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Border Patrol


Auto Dealers & Service Shops

  • Jim Felty Chevrolet
  • Nichols Ford
  • Performance Toyota
  • Timpton Ford
  • Allen Samuels Chevrolet
  • King Lube
  • Champion Chevrolet
  • Conyer Buick-Pontiac-GMC
  • Mark Roberts Motors
  • Center Motor Company
  • Jim Ulrich Motors, Inc.
  • Cutchaw Chevrolet
  • Tri-County Ford
  • Casa Ford-Nissan
  • Stan West CNC
  • Greenville Golf Cars
  • Robert Awarkamp Motors
  • A-1 Starter Repair
  • Rizzco Automotive


Factories & Warehouses

  • Cummins Engine Company, Inc.
  • Tekni-Plex, Inc.
  • BE&K Construction
  • Bucks Bags
  • Precision Mold & Design
  • Louis Hughes Company, Inc.
  • Bear Paw Magnetic Tools
  • Waldorf Corporation
  • Boramco, Inc.
  • Sonoma Precision Manufacturing Company
  • A-Korn Roller
  • Discount Sales Of Upland
  • Fusco Machinery, Inc.
  • Emecs
  • Brubaker & Associates
  • Americo Industrial Supply, Inc.
  • Flour Power
  • Neal Electric
  • Thermal Structures
  • Basic American Foods
  • Appliance Parts Center
  • Cohr Master Plan
  • Systems Control
  • Morehead Pools
  • Chaparril Steel
  • Mag-Tek, Inc.
  • The Whitlock Group
  • Chemtronics, Inc.
  • Rader, Inc.
  • DDH, Inc.
  • Thermocan
  • Nalco Chemical
  • Nucor Steel
  • Alumax
  • Corning Consumers Products Company
  • Worldwide Video Entertainment
  • Williams Rice Milling Company
  • SMI Steel
  • Neal Electric
  • Thermal Structures
  • Appliance Parts Center
  • Cal-Mil Plastic Products, Inc.
  • Kleen-Tex
  • Waveland Avenue Wash & Dry
  • Kensing Iron Works
  • Carrel Forwarding, Inc.
  • Fabwell Plastic, Inc.
  • Arizona Galvanizing
  • W.E. Plemons Machinery
  • Summit Electric
  • VCP International, Inc.
  • FAA Storage & Transportation
  • Anchor Industries
  • Hexcel Structures
  • Digitag
  • Laser Systems & Research Corporation
  • Ivex Packaging Corporation
  • Graybar Electric Company, Inc.
  • Boise Cascade
  • Ajax Die Casting
  • NMB Corporation
  • Echlin, Inc.
  • Gearench, Inc.
  • U.S. Shop Tools
  • Imaging Associates, Inc.
  • Eagle Direct
  • Amoco Corporation
  • Savage Precision Fabrication, Inc.
  • Koo's Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Amoco Research Center
  • American Iron & Steel
  • American Systems
  • KM Stemler Company, Inc.
  • PSA Puget Sound
  • Loan Brothers
  • Rarmark
  • Media One
  • Magnum Maine Corporation
  • Basic American Foods
  • Ameristar Technologies, Inc.
  • Altura Energy LTD


Hotels, Resorts & Entertainment Parks

  • Walt Disney World
  • San Diego Wild Animal Park
  • Six Flags Over Mid America
  • 1997 U.S. World Olympics
  • Edwards Mansion
  • Percy Quin State Park
  • Torsha Ranch
  • Grand Cayman Resorts
  • La Casa Del Zorro
  • Hobby City
  • Camino Real Foods, Inc.
  • Blue Coyote Grill
  • Williams Nursery
  • Tee Time Golf Range
  • Renaissance Esmeralda Resort
  • Meyer Castle, Inc.
  • Theatre Works
  • Universal Orlando Resort

Rental Companies


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