PORTACOOL is an amazing portable evaporative cooling system, cooler, outdoor air-conditioner that cools thousands of sq.ft. at a fraction of the cost of standard air conditioning. Port-A-Cool portable evaporative cooling, not a swamp cooler, but a spot cooler that will cool large areas for only pennies per day! Port-A-Cool Port A Cool uses portable temporary evap evaporative cooling to spot cool and make areas cooler for thousands of sq.ft. in a factory, warehouse, football sidelines, sports events, tents and restaurant kitchens and outdoor seating areas. Outdoor air-conditioning, not a swamp cooler, but evaporative cooling when cooling fans are not efficient for cooling, spot cooling or for cooler air instead of fans simply blowing hot air.

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2019 Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributorship Program Outline

To become a Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributor is as simple as "A B C"!

Please read the following Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributor Program Outline. After you read and approve of the conditions and requirements, call 1-800-747-9591 to go to the next step in getting started in this exciting and rewarding career.

  1. You will undergo a review to determine market feasibility as to geographical location, primary selling category and your commitment to all Distributorship qualifications.  The review will determine the final acceptance of each Distributorship.

  2. After the approval of your Distributorship Application, you then open an initial $20,000.00 Product Inventory Account.

  3. Start selling and benefiting from the rewarding profits of all PORTACOOL® products!

And to help you get started, we will send you a free Media Kit including a training video, a customer presentation video, 100 color catalogs ready for your company logo, a Distributor Manual with detailed product information and specifications, along with promotional items, logos, sample ads for print, scripts for radio and television, product endorsements and customer comments to use in any advertising programs you may choose to participate in.  You will have everything you need to get started immediately.  If there are any questions you may have not covered in the training material, simply call 800-747-9591 within the United States or + 1-760-747-9591 outside of the United States.

Here are some common questions you may have regarding your new Distributorship:

Question: I don't have any storage space to stock my inventory. Do I have to receive full shipment of my entire inventory all at one time?

Answer: No. We will provide storage for your inventory at no cost and also provide free shipping of your PORTACOOL® units directly to your customers or to your facility anywhere within the United States (with the exception of Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico).  For Distributorships outside the U.S. we will provide free shipping to any U.S. shipping dock or airport.

Question: What will be my sales territory?

Answer: The world!  You will not have any boundaries regarding sales areas and our office guarantees not to setup another Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributor within a 50 mile radius of your location.  In addition, if a customer contacts our home office for a purchase in your area, we will send the lead directly to you.

Question:  If I decide not to stock products in my own warehouse, how do I go about getting them shipped once I have received orders from my customers?

Answer: Simply fax a purchase order to the home office and your products will be promptly shipped to the specified shipping address on your purchase order.

Question: How long does it take to receive products once the order has been placed?

Answer: Normally ground freight delivery time is 3-5 business days anywhere within the United States.

Question:  What if I want my initial Product Inventory Account to be more than $20,000.00?

Answer:  While a $20,000.00 Product Inventory Account is required for the start up of your Distributorship, there is no limit or maximum amount. And since frequently Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributors will sell that amount or more in one day, we recommend updating your account frequently so that all purchase orders may be processed promptly.

Question:  Can I return a unit once it has been shipped to my customers or my own warehouse?

Answer: Once you or your customers have taken delivery of a unit, there is no return unless, of course, the unit is found to have shipping damage or a manufacturing defect.  The unit will be repaired or replaced at no charge during the manufacturer's One Year Warranty period.  We encourage all Distributors to implement their own company return policies with their customers.

Question:  What if I decide to cancel my Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributorship?

Answer: Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributorship contracts are renewed annually.  If you opt not to renew your contract at the end of the year, then any remaining balance in your Product Inventory Account will be returned to you. You will never lose a penny!

Question: Is Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals the manufacturer of PORTACOOL® products and will I be buying directly from the manufacturer?

Answer:  No. Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals is an Authorized Distributor of the manufacturer, PORTACOOL, LLC.


If you have other questions or need to know more information, call us and we will be glad to talk with you and give you all the details and information you need to begin this exciting and profitable career!

The market worldwide is only about 5% covered! And with a Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributorship, there are no territorial restrictions.

Here's the best way to sell a PORTACOOL

Arrange to take a PORTACOOL® demo unit to a facility. Pick a rather hot day and take your demo unit there, leave it for about an hour or so and give the employees or other personnel time to experience the difference the PORTACOOL® unit makes. Then announce that you've got to get back to your office and that you have to take the PORTACOOL® demo model with you.

Instant sales are created at least 97% of the time! And many times the owner or foreman will want to rent your demo unit for the few days it will take to ship their unit to them. Ask any Portable Coolers Sales & Rentals Distributor about this technique. It's one of the first things you'll learn to do in the marketing segment of your training, because IT WORKS!


Many potential clients have at least heard about PORTACOOL® products or seen them on the sidelines at NFL football games, on TV programs or at other public locations. Many have already stood in front of a unit at a Trade Show and already know the cooling power and advantages of PORTACOOL® products. A PORTACOOL® cooling product really does "sell itself". The proof is right in front of your buyers!

Check out the PORTACOOL® customers list at Those Who Know.  It's a list of some of the largest and most successful companies in the world who currently use PORTACOOL® products. It will give you an idea of the many marketing possibilities.

Many of these companies could afford to buy any cooling system in the world they desired, even extremely expensive standard air-conditioning systems to cover the thousands of square feet in their facilities. But, they have decided to purchase PORTACOOL® units for their facilities. They figured that even though they could afford any system they wanted, why waste thousands of dollars a year?

And because of the PORTACOOL® reputation of being the most popular portable evaporative cooling system on the market, it was a wise decision. Not only for the low cost to buy and to operate, but for the dependability, effectiveness and quality. While it's true that over 70% of our sales are from small shops, factories, family owned restaurants, etc., don't think that PORTACOOL® products are just for "those who need to save money". The most profitable companies in the world use them.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows are an intricate part of the the marketing of PORTACOOL® products worldwide. We will pay for 50% of the expenses for a Trade Show, you pay 50% and set up the booth with units and furniture. You keep all leads from show attendees.

Trade Shows are profitable and easy to conduct. All of your buyers come to your booth and experience the PORTACOOL® unit in person. Most attendees are decision makers or can make suggestions to their company purchasing agents.

Questions? Call us anytime!

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